Win extra cash at the PokerStars Live Blackjack tables with Prize Cards

Every Blackjack player knows that the right card at the right time can make all the difference, and now you’ve got an even better chance of winning, with $2,000 there for the taking every day at our Private Live Blackjack tables, thanks to Blackjack Prize Cards!

We’re loading 50 of these Prize Cards into the shoes of our Private Blackjack tables every day - live on camera - and if you receive one while playing you’ll win the amount on the card, whether or not you win the hand.

How to win a Blackjack Prize Card

Head to the PokerStars Private Blackjack tables, available under the Live Casino tab in the PokerStars client - participating tables all have ‘PokerStars’ within the table name. Play at any of these tables between April 6-May 31 and you’ll be in with a chance of being dealt a Prize Card.

During the promotion, there will be 50 Prize Cards loaded into the Blackjack shoes at the PokerStars Private Blackjack tables every day. Each one will feature a cash amount, from $5 up to $250, and if you receive a Prize Card during play you’ll receive the amount on the card as a pending bonus in your account within 72 hours. We’ll give away $2,000 in Prize Cards every day, including five worth $250 each, and there’s no limit on how many cards you can receive.

If the dealer receives a Prize Card, it will be placed back into the shoe. Players who receive Prize Cards will have seven days to clear the bonus (at a rate of 1 FPP earned playing Casino games per $1), which will be released in $5 increments. Unclaimed bonuses will expire after seven days.

About PokerStars Private Blackjack tables

PokerStars Private Casino tables are the only place where you’ll find our private team of PokerStars dealers, offering exclusive promotions and bringing you the high level of service for which PokerStars is famous across the world. To play on a Private table, open the Casino tab within the PokerStars client and select Live Casino games. Select your game of choice then look for a table with ‘PokerStars’ in the table name.

To read our promotional Terms & Conditions, click here.

Contact if you have any questions about Blackjack Prize Cards.

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