Local Bank Transfers: Deposit instructions

To confirm if this payment method is available in your country, please log into your Stars Account and go to the Cashier.



  • An incorrect or missing reference number or beneficiary name will result in your deposit being lost or delayed.
  • We charge no fees for Local Bank Transfer deposits but your bank may.
  • We will send you an email once your account has been credited.
  • Take into account exchange rate conversions so you don't go under or over your current deposit limits.
  • Due to anti-money laundering regulations, we do not accept cash deposits or bank transfers made by third-party accounts. 

In order to make a deposit via Local Bank Transfer, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Stars Account and go to the Cashier.
  2. Under the Deposit tab, select the Local Bank Transfer logo
  3. Select/enter your deposit amount and select the Deposit/Next button.
  4. Once the deposit instructions are displayed and emailed to you, you will have 2 weeks to complete your deposit.

It can take 1-4 business days for your funds to be credited.



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