Power your way up the Power Path to our biggest live and online events

PokerStars presents… Power Path. This is your chance to play through the Steps for a shot at winning our biggest and best poker experiences. Live and online.

From the Sunday Special to the EPT. You don’t need to be a pro or a high roller to play on iconic stages.

Plus, you can get free rewards every day you play. Simply play one real money hand on PokerStars and you’ll get a free ticket to the first Step.

You can use your free ticket to enter a Power Path Step 1 tournament which will be a Spin & Go. This could award a Power Pass or a ticket for one of the next stages on the Power Path.

Play your way through up to four Steps and choose rewards to suit you. You can exchange Power Passes to access live and online tourneys of your choice:

  • Bronze Power Passes – these are worth €100 and offer access to our weekly flagship tournaments.
  • Silver Power Passes – worth €2,300, these allow you to play in major online series, or at a live event.
  • Gold Power Passes – these €9,300 passes offer the chance to compete at the most prestigious poker tournaments in the world, online and live.

Ultimately, you have the power to choose how and where you use your Power Pass. And remember, if you don’t succeed today, you’ll have another free chance to play tomorrow.

Power Path. Be rewarded every day you play.

Power Path: How it works

Power Path buy-ins start from as little as €0.50. You can also accelerate your path and buy-in directly to Power Path Step 2 or 3.

Play in up to four ‘Steps’ tournaments for your chance to win a Gold, Silver or Bronze Power Pass. 

Win at one Step and you could get a ticket for the next stage. You can also buy-in directly to any Step, except for Step 4 which is ticket only.

The winner of Step 4 could win a coveted Gold Power Pass worth €9,300. Silver and Bronze Power Passes will also be awarded for top Step 4 finishers.

Step 1 - €0.50 Spin & Go tournament (On demand, buy-in or get a free ticket daily when you play poker)

Winners progress to Step 2 or further, depending on the prize multiplier (see Power Path Step 1: Spin & Go Probability Table below).

Step 2 - €1.50 Sit & Go or €1 MTT (On demand, buy-in or ticket)

Step 3 - €10 MTT (On demand, buy-in or ticket)

Step 4 - €50 MTT (Ticket entry only)

Power Path Step 1: Spin & Go Probability Table

Prize Probability
€9,300 Gold Power Pass 1 in 1,000,000
€2,300 Silver Power Pass 10 in 1,000,000
€100 Bronze Power Pass 500 in 1,000,000
€10 Power Path Step 3 ticket 12,000 in 1,000,000
€1.50 Power Path Step 2 Sit & Go ticket 380,422 in 1,000,000
€1 Power Path Step 2 MTT ticket 607,067 in 1,000,000
8% goes to rake

Key information

  • Power Path Steps can be found via the 'Power Path' tab in our client or app lobby. 
  • Reward options for Power Passes can be found in the 'Passes' tab. You can access this via the ‘Power Path’ tab.
  • If players win at one Step, they receive a ticket to the next Step. (i.e., If a player wins at Step 2 they will receive a Step 3 ticket).
  • To use Power Path tickets, players must go to the 'Power Path' tab and then register for a tournament.
  • Power Path tickets can be found under ‘Tournament Tickets’ in ‘My Rewards’.
  • Players can buy-in directly to any Step apart from Step 4.
  • Players cannot unregister from Step 4 tournament.
  • Power Path tickets cannot be exchanged for cash or other tournament tickets. They also cannot be transferred to other players.
  • PokerStars Rewards Spin & Go, Sit & Go or MTT tickets can only be used in corresponding tournaments.

Power Path Terms & Conditions


Power Path is a four step qualification route to Bronze, Silver and Gold Power Path Passes that runs from December 18, 2023 until further notice. PokerStars will provide a reasonable notice of when Power Path will come to an end. In addition to these prize terms and conditions, the General Terms and tournament rules governing the participation in tournaments on the PokerStars website apply to player’s participation in the Power Path.

Players can participate in the Power Path by playing in up to four ‘Steps’ tournaments. They can use a ticket to enter each Step of the Power Path or buy-in directly to Steps 1-3.

  • Step 1 - €0.50 Spin & Go tournament
  • Step 2 - €1.50 Sit & Go tournament or €1 Multi-Table Tournament
  • Step 3 - €10 Multi-Table Tournament
  • Step 4 - €50 Multi-Table Tournament (qualifiers/ticket holders only – no direct buy-in allowed)

Prize description and how to redeem a prize

  1. Bronze Power Pass is worth €100 and can be used in selected PokerStars online poker tournament with the same buy-in.
  2. Silver Power Pass is worth €2,300 and gives players a choice to use it for selected PokerStars regional live events or selected PokerStars online poker tournaments.
  3. Gold Power Pass is worth €9,300 and can be used for any PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) live event or selected biggest PokerStars online poker tournaments.
  1. When a player wins a prize, they will receive a confirmation pop-up message. To redeem their prize, players must visit the ‘Power Path’ tab in the PokerStars client or mobile app and follow the steps, as described below.
  2. To redeem a Bronze Power Pass, players must register for the target tournament by clicking on ‘Register’.
  3. To redeem a Silver or Gold Power Pass, players must follow one of the following two paths, depending on whether they want to use their pass to play online poker tournaments or play at a live poker event. Should they decide on the former, they will receive a bundle of online poker tickets. If they wish to play at a live event instead, they will be able to claim a live event package.
    1. To redeem a bundle of online poker tickets, players must register for the target tournaments included in the bundle. Upon registration, tickets bundle is credited to the players’ Stars Account.
    2. ii. To redeem a live event package, players must register for the preferred live event. Once registered, they will receive an email from the PokerStars Live Events team to their registered email address with more information.
  4. Prize expires eighteen (18) months after being won. They will hold no value once expired and will not be compensated in any way. All elements of the prize are strictly non-transferable, non-exchangeable and may not be re-sold. No cash or any other alternative is available for any element of the prize. 
  5. If any element of the prize becomes unavailable, or if players are unable to use/take part in any element of the prize, for any reason beyond PokerStars’ reasonable control, PokerStars is not obliged to offer an alternative prize or any cash alternative or compensation.  
  6. Step 2, Step 3 and Step 4 tickets expire 1 year after being issued. They will hold no value once expired and will not be compensated in any way.
  7. After the conclusion of Power Path, any remaining Step tickets that have not yet expired, as specified in section 6 above, will be converted into Tournament Money (“T-Money”) or another suitable replacement.

Additional information

  1. By accepting the live event package, the winning player agrees to be bound by the PokerStars live events terms available at
  2. Live event package does not include any costs, taxes, fees, expenses and/or arrangements not expressly specified in the prize description. The winning player is solely responsible for, and PokerStars will not be liable to reimburse the winner/their companion for, any such additional charges and expenses.
  3. It is the responsibility of the winning player to check any requirements for the airline, hotel, event venue and any other supplier providing elements of the prize. The winning player is bound by, and must comply with, any terms and conditions set out on their event and airline tickets and the rules, regulations, requirements and policies of the airline, hotel, event venue, event promoter and any other supplier connected with the prize. PokerStars is not responsible for any failure of the winning player to gain entry or re-entry to the airline, hotel and/or event, or to participate in any element of the prize, due to any action/inaction on the part of the winner and/or their companion.
  4. It is the responsibility of the winning player to check and ensure that they satisfy all customs, security and immigration requirements in relation to travel between the travel destination and their country of departure (including all requirements relating to passports, visas and other documentation). PokerStars has no liability if the winning player is refused entry because they do not satisfy such requirements and the winning player is solely responsible for all costs associated with refused entry.  
  5. It is the responsibility of the winning player to check any government travel advisories relating to the travel destination and to determine what action to take in relation to any such advisories. PokerStars has no liability if the winning player does not make such checks, if they choose to travel despite the advice given in any relevant advisory or if they choose not to travel on the advice given in any relevant advisory (in which case PokerStars will not be obliged to offer a substitute prize).  
  6. It is the responsibility of the winning player to check whether any vaccinations and/or prescription medicines are recommended or required prior to travel and PokerStars has no liability in this respect.  
  7. It is the responsibility of the winning player to take out their own travel insurance in connection with the live event package. PokerStars will have no liability for any failure by the winning player to take out travel insurance and/or to comply with the terms and conditions of their travel insurance policy.  
  8. PokerStars has no liability for lost or stolen tickets, vouchers, certificates and/or other documentation connected with the live event package.  
  9. The winning player must not do anything that may bring the PokerStars, any of its group companies or its commercial partners into disrepute. PokerStars reserves the right to take appropriate action (including the removal of any element of the live event package) if the winning player acts in a way that PokerStars reasonably considers to bring the PokerStars, any of its group companies or its commercial partners into disrepute.  
  10. PokerStars is not liable for any loss, theft, damage or injury caused or sustained by the winning player as a result of participating in the live event package (except that PokerStars will be liable for death or personal injury arising from PokerStars’ negligence or for fraudulent misrepresentation).  

Power Path Daily Offer Terms & Conditions

What is being offered

Players can claim a Step 1 Power Path ticket worth €0.50 for completing daily challenges during the promotional period, as specified below.

When is the offer being conducted

This offer runs daily from 00:00 CET on December 18, 2023 and is ongoing. Each calendar day starts at 00:00 CET and ends at 23:59 CET.

Who is eligible to take part and how can you qualify

Players must have an active and verified real-money account with PokerStars to be eligible. The offer is strictly limited to one per person/household/IP address per day. Players who have had restrictions placed on their account during the offer period may not be eligible to participate.

Players must complete the daily challenge to qualify for the Step 1 Power Path ticket reward for that day. Daily challenges can be completed by playing any real money poker game. 

Wagering requirements and limitations by type of game

Rake any amount from any poker tournament or cash game in one calendar day. No minimum buy-in or stake applies. For poker tournaments only cash buy-in entries will count towards completing the challenges. Tournament entries using tickets (including Step 1 Power Path tickets awarded as part of this offer), T-Money or through satellite qualification will not count.

Claiming and redeeming the offer

Players will receive a Step 1 Power Path ticket immediately upon completion of each daily challenge, credited inside a Chest. They will need to open the Chest to claim their reward. Unopened Chests will expire 1 day after being credited.

Step 1 Power Path tickets can only be used to register and play Step 1 Power Path tournaments. Tickets are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash, T-Money or other tickets.

Step 1 Power Path tournaments can be found in the Tourney/Tournament lobby under ‘The Path’ within the ‘Power Path’ tab.

All tickets expire 7 days after being credited. They will hold no value once expired and will not be compensated.

What else do you need to know

Players can check any tournament tickets they have, alongside information on expiry dates and more by going to ‘My Rewards’ menu and selecting ‘Tournament Tickets’.

See here for general promotional Terms & Conditions.