Validation Code and AVC

To register a .FR account there are some validation steps you’ll need to complete first.

The first step consists of validating your email address. By doing so, you'll link your account to your email address. This ensures:

  • That each player has their own account.
  • Reduce the risk of fraud and/or duplicate accounts.
  • A real person with an active email address initiated the account creation process.
  • We have the means to contact our players should the need arise.

The second step consists of sending us a government-issued photo ID to verify your identity. You can upload your document via our desktop software, mobile app, or website. If you're unable to log in to your account, please upload your documents via the contact form on our website.

The final step is to verify your mailing address. We do this by sending an AVC (or Account Validation Code) to your registered mailing address by post. This is a legal requirement, and you'll need to enter the AVC when you log in to your account. You'll not be able to withdraw funds until you've entered the AVC and your account is fully validated.

You have 30 days following your initial registration to validate your account. After this period, we'll restrict your account and suspend the Play privileges. After 60 days, we'll close your account and you'll no longer have access to it.

These validation procedures are in line with the terms of our French license. They're part of the measures we've implemented to make sure your account is safe and secure.


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