Player notes or color labels not saving correctly

Our software only saves notes/labels when you chose the 'Log Out & Exit' option:

Settings → Account Details → Log Out & Exit

Some points of interest:

  • Both notes and labels are contained within one file.
  • They save to your computer's hard drive, not our servers.
  • If you log on to a different computer, your notes remain on the computer you saved them to.

What if my notes are not saving despite choosing 'Log Out & Exit'?

Sometimes, the folder you save your notes to is write-protected. For example, the 'Program Files' folder or the 'AppData' folder may have restrictions.

To fix this, try changing the folder destination.

  1. Go to: Settings → Gameplay → Player Notes
  2. Select 'Change Folder...',
  3. Set the folder to 'Documents' or another folder without restrictions.

Our software creates a new notes file in your chosen folder and saves any future notes/labels you add there.


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