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Play Money games are a great way to get familiar with our site and its features. It's fun and you can join the games in a heartbeat. Below we've added a small guide to help you get in on the Play Money action. Simply click your way through the tabs to see how you can join Play Money Cash Games (also called Ring Games). If you're interested in other games, like Sit & Go's or multi-table tournaments, simply choose these game formats instead and proceed accordingly. But we recommend starting with Ring Games to get a feel for it.

Switching to the Play Money lobby and scrolling through games lists

First of all, you have to switch to the Play Money lobby if you're not already there and select 'All Games' (desktop) or 'Poker' (mobile app) in the top menu to see our Play Money offering.

How you can access Play Money games on desktop:

  • Make sure you're in the Poker lobby (IF different products are available in your region). You can select the product and certain top-level menus in the header area of our software.
  • From the radio buttons 'Real Money' and 'Play Money', located towards the right-hand side of the header area (just underneath your balance display), select the latter to open the Play Money lobby.
    ***Only Play Money games will now be displayed***
  • Then, switch to the 'All Games' lobby (in the header bar) to see the available Poker formats, like Play Money Tournaments, Sit & Go's, or Cash Games.
  • Go to 'Cash' to see our Ring Game offer first.

How you can access Play Money games on Mobile:

  • If you use our 'classic' mobile app, select 'Play Money' above the lobby on the home screen of our app.
  • If you've already upgraded to the PokerStars Next Gen app (IF available in your region), go to 'Account' and toggle the option to 'Play Money'.
    ***Only Play Money games will now be displayed***
  • Then, switch to 'Poker' from the lobby menu at the bottom of our app to have access to all Play Money Tournaments, Sit & Go's, and Cash Games.
  • Select 'Cash Games' if you'd like to see the action on these tables first.


How to find your preferred tables on desktop

You'll see a list of games you can choose from in the 'Cash' lobby. The available filters are a great way to help you find your preferred tables.

  • Pre-selecting: Just below the game tabs, you can specify the game format (i.e. No Limit Hold'em, Limit Hold'em), stakes (i.e. Low, Medium, High), and player number for the tables displayed to you in the games list. And if you click on 'More Games' within the 'Game' filter bar, all the game types we offer will show.
  • Sorting the list: By means of different identifiers (i.e. Table, Stakes, Game), you can sort the list by clicking on any one of them (marking the parameter that you selected for sorting by an arrow indicating an ascending or descending order). We recommend sorting the tables by 'Stakes' at the beginning (in an ascending order, from lowest to highest). This way you can see which stakes are available and what tables you can choose from within each limit.
  • View: You can also change the way the list is displayed to you. Simply click on the different options under 'View' to get a new perspective.
  • Hide Full Tables: To avoid full tables and not join the waiting list, you can tick the 'Hide Full Tables' option located above the 'Stakes' section.


How to find your preferred tables on Mobile

You can join a Play Money table from the 'Cash Games' lobby. To help you find your preferred table(s), it's helpful to use the filter options.

  • Selecting: Scroll to 'Cash Games' or 'Ring Games' and select the game format and variant you're interested in (i.e. No Limit Hold'em, Zoom Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha, Limit Hold'em) to be taken to the respective lobby.
  • Sorting by filters: Depending on the game, the filter options might vary (i.e. for most variants, we have a buy-in slider and a table size filter).
    • By adjusting the buy-in slider, you can specify the buy-in range of games displayed to you.
    • By tapping on the radio button next to the slider (IF available), you can narrow down your search further by selecting your preferred table size.
    • After you've made your choice, tap on 'Show Games' on the filter screen to see the available tables on the basis of your selection.


To join a Play Money table on desktop

There are basically two options, manually taking a seat or being seated automatically.

  • Double-click on a table of your liking from the games list to be taken to the table without being seated automatically.
  • Alternatively, you can use the 'Play Now' option on the right-hand panel after selecting the desired table to be seated automatically.
  • If you do not see the 'Play Now' option, this means the table is full. You can either wait for a seat by clicking on 'Join Waiting List' on the right-hand panel or look for a similar table by selecting 'Play at a Similar Table' located in the same place.
  • After opening a table, click on an empty seat if you haven't been seated automatically.
  • A pop-up window with the buy-in dialogue will display the buy-in amount and additional buy-in options.
  • Note that a buy-in slider is available with which you can easily set up your amount.
  • Make your choices, press OK, and you're ready to get in on the action.


To join a Play Money table on Mobile

It's as simple as that:

  • After you've found a table you want to join, tap on it to buy in to the table on the 'Play Now' screen.
  • On this screen, you can see your current balance, the buy-in amount, and additional buy-in options.
  • Make your choices and select 'Confirm' if you're ready to take your seat at the table.


To refill your stack on desktop

Note that the option to bring more chips to the table is only available if your chips stack at that time is below the maximum buy-in amount allowed for the table.

You can get more chips in two ways:

  • By clicking on 'Add Chips' in the top right corner of the table, the buy-in dialogue will pop up.
  • Or use a shortcut by right-clicking on your own seat.
  • In the buy-in dialogue, use the buy-in slider to select the chips amount you want to add up to your stack and confirm your choice to perform the top-up.

The additional chips will be taken from your account balance. If you do not have enough balance left, the 'Free Chips' option (see below) and/or 'Buy Chips' option (IF available in your region) will be presented to you.


To refill your stack on Mobile

Note that a refill is only possible if your current table balance is lower than the maximum buy-in valid for the respective table.

You can get more chips through the table menu:

  • Open the menu in the top left corner of the table and tap on 'Buy-in' to open the buy-in dialogue.
  • Select the chips amount you want to bring to the table through the buy-in slider.
  • Confirm your choice to perform the top-up.


Free Chips top-up

You can get 15,000 new chips for free every four hours. The top-up is generally available in the Cashier.

  • Simply select or scroll to 'Play Money' and press 'Collect'.

Due to different Cashier settings, it's also possible that the 'Collect' option will directly show after opening the Cashier (while still being in the Play Money lobby).

Depending on which platform you're on, you can reach the Cashier in different ways:

  • Either through a separate button in the main lobby of our desktop software or through a dedicated menu option on the home screen of our mobile app. On our Next Gen app, you'll find the Cashier under 'Account'.
  • You can also get access by tapping on your (Play Money or Real Money) balance displayed in most lobbies.
  • And when you're on our mobile app and you're sitting at a table, you can switch to the Cashier by opening the table menu at the top left, then selecting 'Your account balance'.

Worth mentioning:

  • On our 'classic' mobile apps, there is an extra 'Free Chips' option on the home screen of the Play Money lobby. If you're already on our Next Gen app, you can find this option under 'Account' after you've switched to Play Money on this screen.
  • Players on desktop and most of our apps can also top-up through the registration or buy-in dialogue before joining games and through the rebuy option in tournaments or the refill feature at Cash Game tables.
  • Remember that a rebuy or refill is not always possible and the option to top-up for free will only be displayed if the account balance is too low to cover it *and* four hours after the last top-up have passed.



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