Playing abroad and in France

Playing abroad

As a resident of France and the French overseas territories, you can play on our .FR software while traveling abroad without restrictions, as long as that is legal in the country you’re visiting.

Playing in France

Also, because of the legislation set by the French government, while in France or French territories, you can legally play on our .FR platform, which is fully licensed by L'Autorité nationale des Jeux (ANJ).

For more details, visit this page.

More info you should know:

  • Your .FR account is not accessible while you’re in Spain or Portugal because of a regulatory agreement between the three countries.
  • Unless you're in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, or Colorado, you can't play real money games in the US or US territories.
  • In countries with local online gaming regulations, you must follow the requirements of that region (e.g., verification process, account validation, etc.).

If you’re moving abroad permanently, let us know via our software, mobile app, or website.


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