PokerStars 1,900,000th hand was dealt this February!
  • More than 500 players won cash prizes
  • €18,8123 awarded in the Mega Milestone Hand
  • 100 Milestone Hands took place, including a €2,572 hand
ElkY's tips for maximizing your Milestone Hand reward!
  • Earn as many VPPs as you can during the 50 hands before a Milestone Hand
  • The higher the limits you play, the more VPPs you earn
  • Boost your VPP total by playing more hands than usual

Road to 2 Billion Poker Hands is on the Road to 2 Billion played hands which is set to be dealt soon.

To be a winner, simply play on the cash game tables and be dealt into one of the the 100Milestone Hands. There’s up to €250,000 in cash up for grabs

Each Milestone Hand is dealt every 200,000 hands from 1,980,000,000 and 2,000,000,000 (e.g. 1,980,200,000, 1,980,400,000, 1,980,600,000 etc.). The promotion ends with the hand #2,000,000 (2 billionth hand) which is the Mega Milestone Hand. Your earnings can reach several tens of thousands of Euros if you win it!

Find out how Milestone Hand prizes are calculated.

How to follow your earnings and the next milestone hands

You can keep track of your potential winnings thanks to a special counter on your table, which shows how much you could win if you were involved in the next milestone hand, based on the amount of VPPs you’ve generated in your last 49 hands, added to the Milestone Hand itself.

You can also find out when the next Milestone Hand will be dealt on each cash game table by checking the hand counter.

Please note: Hands dealt on Zoom tables are not eligible for milestone prizes.

The real money cash game tables are also available on the PokerStars Mobile App, allowing you to play a Milestone Hand anywhere you want! Find out more about the PokerStars Mobile app and how you can download it.

If you have any questions about the Road to 2 Billion promotion, contact