Battle of the Planets - Sit & Go - Frequently Asked Questions

A Leader Board ranks the highest scoring players in poker tournaments. The Leader Boards at display the players that have performed best in tournaments over a set period of time. In the case of the Sit & Go Leader Boards, samples of play during a particular week are ranked.

A Sit & Go is a poker tournament that begins when a fixed number of players have registered; as soon as that number of registrants is reached, the event begins. At, Sit & Go tournaments are offered in a huge range of buy-in levels and number of players.

A multi-player Sit & Go is a Sit & Go tournament with more than two players per table. In other words, any tournament that is not played heads-up.

The Battle of the Planets Leader Boards do not count results from any satellites (including Steps), play money or heads-up and fifty50 Sit & Go tournaments.

We will also be excluding any tournaments that are already eligible for the Multi-Table Tournament Leader Board (i.e. any tournament with 28 or more players).

This promotion is open to all real money players on Once you have played the minimum number of qualifying games for a division, your score will be registered automatically on the appropriate Leader Board.

Your points for the Battle of the Planets Leader Boards can be viewed through the game client. To check your status go to the main lobby and select ‘Requests’ > ‘Sit & Go Leader Points’.

This will bring up a table that displays your current points for each division, and how many games you need to play to attain a qualifying score.

Bataille des Planetes 1

The current standings for the Battle of the Planets Leader Boards can be viewed through the game client. Select ‘Requests’ > ‘Sit & Go Leader Boards’ from the main lobby. Select a division from the dropdown menu, and then choose ‘This Week’.

If you would like to see your results from the previous week, repeat the above steps, only this time select ‘Previous Week’.

Bataille des Planetes 2

The Low Orbit Leader Boards provide an opportunity for all players to participate in the Battle of the Planets promotion. This Leader Board only requires you to play 20 tournaments in a particular division in a week to be entered into the Leader Board rankings.

The High Orbit Leader Board is for players with the time and bankroll to compete over a much larger number of tournaments. For these Leader Boards, you must play at least 100 tournaments in a particular division in a week to be entered into the Leader Board rankings.

Yes, you may compete in as many divisions as you like. If you place in the money for more than one Leader Board, you will be eligible for all the prize money you have earned, even if it is for two Leader Boards in the same division.

All cash prizes will be credited on the Monday following the completion of a week’s play. Prizes are paid out in € (euro).

In the event of a tie, the prize money for the tied positions will be added together and divided equally between the tied players.

The Battle of the Planets Leader Boards will use the start time of a Sit & Go tournament to determine which block it belongs to.

Likewise, the start time of the tournament will decide which week’s competition the Sit & Go tournament belongs to.

Yes, if you wish to remove yourself from this promotion for any reason, we can remove you from the Leader Boards. To be removed from the Battle of the Planets promotion, please email

Please be aware that once you have requested to be removed from Battle of the Planets, you cannot be reinstated. If you are removed from the Leader Boards you are ineligible for any of the prizes.

If a Sit & Go is cancelled after it has already commenced, the points are shared out using our 'roll forward' formula. This formula takes all the points that are yet to be awarded and distributes 50% of them equally to all remaining players, and 50% are divided up by chip count.

If you have a question not answered in the Battle of the Planets FAQ please contact