Gain access 10 times more easily to the VIP Club higher levels in August!

The PokerStars VIP Club is the best poker reward program anywhere online, and for the whole of August it's even easier for you to enjoy everything it has to offer. Thanks to the August VIP Booster promotion, the normal VIP Player Point (VPP) requirements for each VIP Club level are being dropped to just 10% of their normal value!

Here's how the point requirements will be lowered during the August VIP Booster promotion.

SilverStar 750 VPPs 75 VPPs
GoldStar 3 000 VPPs 300 VPPs
PlatinumStar 7 500 VPPs 750 VPPs

Example: With this promotion, you can earn SilverStar status after paying just €10 in tournament entry fees - the equivalent to one entry to the Sunday Special (€9 entry fee) and the Classico (€1 entry fee).

Give a boost to your VIP status in August!

By climbing the VIP Club levels you actually benefit twice. First, you earn more Frequent Player Points (FPPs) for the same amount of play. Second, you get better overall value for your points!

Take advantage of our lowest-ever point earning requirements and you'll get to enjoy your higher VIP Club status until the end of September. This gives you plenty of time to check out the special benefits and rewards only open to players who reach that level. As part of August VIP Booster promotion we're running a VIP Store Sale, where we will be offering special discounts on a number of selected VIP Store items.

Highlights include exclusive VIP Store items, cash bonuses and freerolls. Don't forget that the VIP Club also offers instant cash VIP Stellar Rewards, giving you even more reason to aim high. See the VIP Club pages to find out even more about what's on offer when you achieve each different VIP status level.

Please note: The August VIP Booster promotion runs until September 1 at 05:59 CET.