Guilhem versus the Pros

Can Guilhem mix with the pros? After his victory in La Maison du Bluff in November 2010, Guilhem Delaporte has started a new life: professional poker player. He's put his student life on hold for one year and is now living his passion.

He is the first winner of a contract from a TV show who's gone out and recorded strong results. His record speaks for itself, because after six months on the circuit he's won:


  • 20th in an EPT Deauville Side Event for €1,400.
  • 1st in an FPS Forges les Eaux Side Event for €7,152.
  • 33rd in the FPS Grand Final Main Event in Paris for €3,920.


Only cashes over €1,000 are listed.

  • 4th in a Sunday Special for €16,286.
  • 1st in a €5 + R tourney for €1,412.
  • 1st in a Let's Shuffle Up for €2,390.
  • 3rd in a Let's Shuffle Up for €1,152.
  • 1st in a €20 tourney for €1,098.
  • 4th in a Night On Stars for €8,000.
  • 1st in on €50 Turbo tourney for €1,370.

To this day, his total winnings are over €45,000. But is it enough to compete with Team PokerStars Pro? We want to know. So we've challenged Guilhem: face five players from Team PokerStars Pro in Heads-Up Sit & Go's.


Monday, June 6 21:00 CET Fragui
Tuesday, June 7 21:00 CET ArtPlaie
Wednesday, June 8 21:00 CET Julien Brécard
Thursday, June 9 21:00 CET Arnaud Mattern
Friday, June 10 21:00 CET Mystery Player

Each match has to be played in two winning rounds. To win the challenge, Guilhem has to win 3 a minimum of three matches.