The Sit & Go Leader Board ranks the players with more ITM finishes in Sit & Go's during a specific period.

All 6-handed, 9-handed and 10-handed Sit & Go's count for the Leader Board. Satellites are excluded.

This promotion is open to all real money players on

Just click on the button below:


On the right of the client you will access the Leader Board.

The Low Leader Board takes into account €5 Sit & Go's and less. The High Leader Board takes into account Sit & Go's with a buy-in higher than €5.

Yes, you may compete in both Leader Boards. If you earn points in High and Low Leader Boards, you will be eligible for all the prize money you have earned.

All cash prizes will be credited on the Monday following the completion of a week's play. Prizes are paid out in € (euro).

In the event of a tie, the prize money for the tied positions will be added together and divided equally between the tied players.

If a Sit & Go is cancelled after it has already commenced, the points are shared out using our 'roll forward' formula. The winnings will be counted as an ITM finish.