Yu's Results - Battle of the Planets - Neptune from May 20-27
  • Low orbit = 185th for 306 points
  • High orbit = 91st for 1 074 points

The winners will be credited with €18.25 on Thursday, May 31 before 20:00 CET. If a player gets a higher score than 'Yu' in both orbits, he will double his winnings.

Team PokerStars Pro Julien Brécard's Sit & Go Challenge

All the players with more points than Julien 'Yu' Brécard on the Neptune division of the Battle of the Planets from Sunday, May 20 at 6:00 CET to Sunday, May 27 at 5:59 CET on the Low or High Orbit will equally share€5,000. Play regular Sit and Gos with a buy-in ranging between €5 and €9.99 in order to take part in this promotion.


If 38 players finish higher than 'Yu' in the Low Orbit of the Neptune division and if 12 players finish above him in the High Orbit of the same division, the €5,000 prize money will be equally shared between those 50 players (38 + 12 = 50). They will receive €100 each (€5,000/50 = €100).

If a player is higher than 'Yu' in both orbits, he will win €200.

The aim of the Battle of the Planets is to accumulate a maximum of points while playing Sit & Gos to reach the highest rank possible. Every time you cash in a regular multi-player Sit & Go, you will receive points. 'Yu' is ready to challenge you!

Point Structure

The points are awarded as follows:

PlaceNumber of Players
  6 9 18 27
1st 39 45 61 80
2nd 21 27 46 58
3rd 0 18 30 38
4rd 0 0 16 22
5rd 0 0 0 18

In addition to the €5,000 on the line, the Battle of the Planets also reward players with the following prizes:

PlacePrize money per Low or High Orbit per week
1st €140
2nd €90
3rd €60
4th €45
5th €30
6th - 10th €15
11th - 20th €10
21st - 30th €8
31st - 40th €5
Total €670

To take part in the Low Orbit competition, the players have to play from 20 to 100 Sit and Gos. The total amount of points is registered by blocks of 20 SNG tournaments. Only the first five 20-tournament blocks will be taken into account in the Low Orbit competition.

To play in the High Orbit competition, the players have to play at least 100 Sit and Gos. The total number of points is registered by 100-tournament blocks. There is no limit to the number of blocks you may play in the High Orbit.

How to check your points and the leaderboards

You can check your progress by clicking 'Requests' from the client lobby, then 'Sit & Go Leader Boards' and 'Neptune (€5 - €9.99)'.

To be part of the winners, you have to be above “YuBrecard” on Sunday 20 at 6 AM CET.