Team PokerStars Online

Team PokerStars Online France consists of four musketeers with very promising futures: Laurent ‘Fragui’ Thierry, Sylvain ‘ArtPlaie’ Ribes, Raphaël ‘DJ Manuel 13’ Vignes and Kevin ‘aksuited13’ Martinet. These rising stars of online poker have been selected from our best VIP players. Now they’re getting ready to defend to the honor of the world’s largest poker site.

To find out more about Team Online, read their bios in the Team PokerStars Pro section. Then get ready to cross swords with them online on!

Défiez le Team Online – Team Online Challenge

Take note bounty hunters! From November 29 to December 5, 2010, Team Online members will participate in each Night On Stars and Sunday Special tournament. All you need to do is to eliminate one of them to receive the incredible bounty worth €500 (€100 cash + 4 Sunday Special tickets).

During the Défiez le Team Online promotion, there’s also a special €4,000 freeroll with a rebuy of €0.50 which gives you the chance to challenge them for free. This free-to-enter tournament takes place onWednesday December 1, at 20:00 CET on A bounty of 10 Le Classico tickets worth €100 will be awarded to each participant that eliminates a Team Online member.

Please note that if a Team Online member is busted from the tournament by more than one player, the pot and the bounty will be equally shared. Please allow 24 hours for tickets to be credited.

It’s down to you to prove that you have the necessary skills to take up the challenge online on!

How to participate

The Défiez le Team Online promotion lasts one week, from Monday, November 29 to Sunday December 5, 2010. To take part, you just need to register for the Défiez le Team Online freeroll tournament which is scheduled for Wednesday December 1, 2010 at 20:00 CET.

You can also buy in directly to the €100 Night On Stars (Monday-Saturday at 21:00 CET; Sunday at 22:00 CET) and the Sunday Special (Sunday at 20:00 CET) tournaments, or qualify via our wide range ofsatellite tournaments from just €1 or 1 FPP.

Open the lobby and click on ‘Tourneys’ > ‘Freeroll’, ‘Tourneys’ > ‘Special’ and ‘Tourneys’ > ‘Satellite’ to register to all our available tournaments.