Freerolls Caliente - The higher the mercury goes, the more money there is to win!

Until June 10, is running a Freeroll Caliente every Sunday at 19:00 CET if the temperature reaches 20 degrees C at 14:00 CET in Paris from Monday to Friday according to the Météo France official website.

The prize pool of this brand new Sunday free-to-play tournament will match the number of degrees multiplied by 100, i.e. at least €2,000. Therefore appeal Helios, the god of Sun, for the temperature to rise and for the Freeroll Caliente prize pool to go up on Sunday!

How to play the Freerolls Caliente

From Monday to Friday, every time the temperature reaches 20 degrees C at 14:00 CET in Paris, qualifiers will automatically be launched on the same day at 14:00, 16:00, 18:00 and 20:00 CET.

Each of the four qualifying tournaments will award 200 seats for the Freeroll Caliente on Sunday at 19:00 CET .

If the temperature goes higher in the following days, the Freeroll Caliente prize pool will also increase!

You will find the Freeroll Caliente and its qualifiers under the 'Tourney' > 'Freeroll' tabs in the client.


If the temperature is 21 degrees C high on Tuesday, a Freeroll Caliente with €2,100 on the line will take place on Sunday and qualifiers will be available on Tuesday.

If the temperature is 26 degrees C high on Thursday, the Freeroll Caliente prize pool will increase to €2,600 and qualifiers will also run on Thursday.

If the temperature is only 24 degrees C high on Friday, the Freeroll Caliente prize pool will remain €2,600 and qualifiers will take place on Friday.

On the other hand, if the mercury doesn't exceed 20 degrees C, there won't be any qualifiers.

NOTE: Entrants must have a real money account (no deposit required) to play in this tournament.