Congratulations to Yu who is 42nd with 85 points, while Roro is 45th with 80 points!

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Tournament Leader Board - €5,000 guaranteed

Ronan Monfort and Julien Brécard will compete on the tables from October 6-13! Julien plays online at with the User ID 'YuBrecard', and Ronan with the User ID 'Roroflush'. Who will be the best: Roro, Yu or you?

Plus, you can take part and climb your way up The Clash tournament leader board to win big. All players who finish in front of one of the two Team PokerStars members when all tournaments are finished will receive a ticket to participate in a private tourney - 'Le Clash Roro Vs Yu - Classement Tournoi' - on Monday, October 14 at 20:00, with €5,000 guaranteed!

The Leader Board will be updated every day, and follow this point structure.

Check out their program and challenge them:

Le Classico* October 6 & 13 18:00 €10 €50,000
The Big €5 Daily from October 6-13 19:00 €5 €5,000
The Big €10** Daily from October 7-12 20:00 €10 €15,000

* Le Classico on October 13 will be 'Half Price', meaning it will have a buy-in of €5 (instead of €10).
** The Big €10 on Monday at 20:00 is to be replaced by Monday Night of Stars, which guarantees €30,000.

Tournaments involved in this competition will have 'Le Clash Roro Vs Yu' in their title.

If you are eligible, your tournament ticket will be credited before Monday, October 14 at 16:00.

Vote for your favourite player

Until Sunday, October 6 at 18:00, make a deposit and vote for Julien Brécard or Ronan Monfort with the following deposit code:

  • RORO for Ronan Monfort
  • YU for Julien Brécard

If your choice is right, you will receive a ticket to play a private tourney 'Le Clash Roro Vs Yu – Le Vote' on Monday, October 14 at 21:00 CET, which offers €5,000!

Your tourney ticket will be credited before Monday, October 14 at 16:00 CET.

One vote per player only.