The PokerStars League has stopped temporarily and will return in the near future in an improved format.

The PokerStars League gives you the opportunity to compete online every month against other players. At the end of the month, the league goes back to zero and starts again. Play for as many points as you can every month and win great cash prizes for finishing high on the leader board. includes three different divisions: two real money and one play money, which allows you to play freerolls only. The tournaments in each division determine the leader boards. The table below shows information about the tournaments making up each division.

LeagueBuy-inTournament time
1st Division €11 21:20 CET
2nd Division €1 21:00 CET
3rd Division Freeroll 20:40 CET

Points are awarded for each tournament as follows:

1 20
2 18
3 16
4 15
5 14
6 13
7 12
8 11
9 10
Other place in the money* 5
Any other contestant 1

* In the 3rd Division, 5 points will be awarded to players finishing in places 10-50. Players finishing below 50th place will receive 1 point for their participation.

The total number of available points in any PokerStars League tournament is therefore as above – points cannot be cumulated. For example, if you finish in the money, you will earn 5 points. However, you will not earn 5 points for your paid place plus 1 point for your participation.

The leader boards will show players who have won the most points in any given division tournament during the calendar month. At the end of the month, prizes will be awarded to the players who finished in the top 100 of the leader board.
The table below shows prizes for each division, listed by position.

PlaceDivision 1 (€)Division 2 (€)Division 3 (€)
1 600 100 50
2 350 80 40
3 275 70 35
4 200 60 30
5 175 50 25
6 150 40 20
7 125 30 15
8 100 25 12,5
9 75 20 10
10 50 15 7,5
11 - 20 30 10 5
21 - 50  20 7 3,5
51 - 100 10 4 2
Total 3 500 € 1 000 € 500 €

Note: To be credited with cash, players must have a real money account at PokerStars.

To find out who is at the top of the league, see the PokerStars League Leader Board page.

The most frequently asked questions about the PokerStars League are below:

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Taking part in the 3rd Division of the PokerStars League is totally free. All you need to do is register for the PokerStars League freeroll tournaments to take part! Please note that players need to have a real money account so that prize money can be credited.

Q. How do I win?

A. To win a prize, you need to be among the 100 best players in each division at the end of the month. The more you play, the more chances to win!

Q. What can I win?

A. There are prizes in euros for all players finishing in the top 100 of each division at the end of the month. For more details of the rewards, see the table above.

Q. How can I see my place in the leader board?

A. Click here to view the latest standings.

Q. How often are the leader boards updated?

A. At present, the leader boards are updated three times a week: on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Q. When will I receive my winnings?

A. Winnings from the PokerStars League are credited within 5 days after the end of the month.

Q. Do the PokerStars League results also count toward the Tournament Leader Board?

A. No, PokerStars League results do not count toward the Tournament Leader Board. These two promotions are completely separate from each other.

Q. I have a question that is not answered on this page. What do I do?

A. Please send your question by e-mail to We will try to answer you as quickly as possible.