Magic Classico: Don't be late!

This Sunday, make sure you're on time for the Magic Classico tournament, because we're giving away Sunday Special tickets from 18:10 CET - that’s 10 minutes after the tournament starts at 18:00 CET!

In addition to the guaranteed prize pool of €40,000, there's an extra €10,000 in added prizes to be awarded. Winning tables will be selected at random, and all players sat at the table will be rewarded with Sunday Special tournament tickets. Don't be late!

Important: The tickets will be only useable for the Sunday Special on March 19. Players need to use their ticket on March 19 otherwise it will be lost.

Sunday, March 19 18:00 CET €10
€ 40,000 GTD 

€10,000 in added prizes (Sunday Special tickets)

Magic Classico: €10,000 in added prizes!

During the first two and a half hours of the Magic Classico tournament, PokerStars will award prizes at regular intervals on randomly chosen tables. All players on those winning tables will earn a Sunday Special ticket, awarded as follows:

18:10 One table , up to 9 players
18:30 Two tables, up to 18 players
18:50 One table, up to 9 players
19:10 One table, up to 9 players
19:30 Two tables, up to 18 players
19:50 One table, up to 9 players
20:10 Two tables, up to 18 players
20:30 Two tables, up to 18 players

The prizes awarded to players will be announced via messaging at the tables, without the need to pause the tournament. Prizes will be paid out instantly to winner's accounts.