Pass the Karate Missions and claim your cash game black belt!

Didn't enjoy karate classes when you were a kid? Want to catch up and get all the belts right now instead? PokerStars is offering you the chance to get up to speed, with Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier's Karate Missions.

This promotion is specially designed for cash game players, but everyone is welcome to play! From Tuesday, November 18-Saturday, November 23, one daily mission will be available. You'll be rewarded with tickets to play big prize pool freerolls. Sign-in, pass the six missions to achieve your black belt and win a ticket for the last freeroll, with nine iPhone 6s on offer!

How to be a part of Karate Missions

Activate your mission(s) every day by clicking 'Your Mission[!]' in the PokerStars Client menu. 
Choose your mission and pass it every day between noon and 11:59 CET (see table below) to win a ticket for the freeroll running at 21:00 CET.

Please note: Start your missions on Tuesday for the chance to pass all six, achieve your black belt and win a ticket for the iPhone freeroll!

From Tuesday, November 18 at noon to Wednesday at 11:59
White belt
Win five real money cash game hands Freeroll, Wednesday at 21:00 (Prize pool €1,000)
From Wednesday, November 19 at noon to Thursday at 11:59
Yellow belt
Play 100 real money cash game hands in Zoom Freeroll, Thursday at 21:00 (Prize pool €1,500)
From Thursday, November 20 at noon to Friday at 11:59
Orange belt
Win 40 real money cash game hands Freeroll, Friday at 21:00 (Prize pool €2,000)
From Friday, November 21 at noon to Saturday at 11:59
Green belt
Win 60 real money cash game hands in Zoom Freeroll, Saturday at 21:00 (Prize pool €2,500)
From Saturday, November 22 at noon to Sunday at 11:59
Blue belt
Play 200 real money cash game hands Freeroll, Sunday at 21:00 (Prize pool €3,000)
From Sunday, November 23 at noon to Monday at 11:59
Brown belt
Win 100 real money cash game hands Freeroll, Monday at 21:00 (Prize pool €5,000)
From Tuesday, November 18 at noon to Sunday at 11:59
Black belt
Accomplish six missions between November 18 - 23 Final, Tuesday at 21:00 with 9 iPhone 6s up for grabs (value: €709 each)

The freeroll tickets will appear in your PokerStars account within two hours after you accomplished the mission.

Cash game hands in Zoom format are included in all missions.

Tips from Master ElkY

  • Mission White: win five hands
    Let's get started slowly. As in karate, we won't ask you to fight for your life (yet), as you are just a white belt. This mission won't last more than a couple of minutes. If you succeed, you will get a ticket for a €1,000 freeroll on Wednesday at 21:00.
  • Mission Yellow Belt: play 100 hands in Zoom
    This mission will be very easy for you thanks to Zoom. With this high speed poker format, if you don't like your cards, fold your hand and you'll receive new cards against new opponents. The reward? A €1,500 freeroll on Thursday.
  • Mission Orange Belt: win 40 hands
    For this mission you'll need skill and a little luck, but in the end you'll be rewarded with a ticket to play Friday's freeroll with its €2,000 prizepool.
  • Mission Green Belt: win 60 hands in Zoom
    Here's where things get serious. For this mission, you will need talent, skills, and a little luck. But with Zoom, everything goes faster, so you should be able to accomplish this mission without any problem. The reward: a €2,500 freeroll on Saturday.
  • Mission Blue Belt: play 200 hands
    Back to basics. You won't need big skills to achieve your blue belt. All you have to do is play 200 hands, even without seeing the flop. In these conditions, there's no doubt that there will be a lot of players in the Sunday €3,000 freeroll.
  • Mission Brown Belt: win 100 hands
    The last mission is perfect for cash game grinders. You'll need to multi-table to get there faster, otherwise it may take a few hours to accomplish this mission. But the reward is really worth it, as the Monday freeroll offers a huge €5,000 prize pool.

Players passing all the missions will achieve their 'black belt', and get a ticket to play the last freeroll on Tuesday, November 25 at 21:00 CET. The prize pool? Nine iPhone 6s! If you're not a regular cash game player, this is the perfect excuse to test your skills and improve your game.

Good luck, and don't forget to salute your opponents!

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