€225,000 guaranteed for the next Monthly Special!

The Sunday Special is the richest weekly online poker tournament in France, but the Monthly Special could take that honour very soon. Once a month the Monthly Special has a €150 buy-in and an evolving six-digit guarantee.

As a great innovation, this new tournament will increase its guarantee by €25,000 each month if it has been reached the month before! When the guarantee is not reached, the promotion will end.

The fourth edition ran on Sunday, January 10, with a guaranteed €200,000 prize pool, but a field of 1,525 players helped to smash the guarantee, generating an impressive €208,925. In the end, 'checkhizout' was the last man standing, scooping €18,030 for his efforts, and €13,704 worth of bounties. Not a bad payday!

The next Monthly Special is scheduled for Sunday, February 21 at 20:00 CET, with a €225,000 guaranteed prize pool. Can we reach it again? It's up to you! Take part each month to see how big the guarantee can get!

Sunday, February 21 20:00 CET €150
€225,000 guaranteed

How to play the next Monthly Special

To register, open the PokerStars software and click 'Tournaments' > 'Special' in the game lobby.

Please find below the provisional Monthly Special Schedule.

Monthly Special Sunday,
September 27
20:00 CET €150 €125,000 €178,296
Monthly Special Sunday,
October 11
20:00 CET €150 €150,000 €166,980
Monthly Special Sunday,
December 6
20:00 CET €150 €175,000  €178,158
GS14: Monthly Special Sunday,
January 10
20:00 CET €150 €200,000 €208,925
Monthly Special Sunday,
February 21
20:00 CET €150 €225,000  

* PokerStars reserves the right to modify at their own discretion the dates of the Monthly Special tournaments up to two weeks before they start.

** Provided that the Monthly Special guarantee is reached previously.

Contact if you have any questions about the Monthly Special.