Get your free ticket to the All-in Brazil finale (Sunday at 20:00 CET)

Deposit with the code ‘FOOTBALL’ before Sunday at 19:50 CET and get an instant All-in Brazil ticket. During the tournament, everyone is all-in until we have our winners! You don't even need to play!

Go to Brazil to watch the football

Ever dream of supporting France at a major football tournament? Do exactly that with an unforgettable prize package to Brazil, and enjoy the samba and football atmosphere.

From November 18-24, you can qualify to the “All-in” tourney of Sunday 24 at 20:00 CET through special nine-handed ‘Brazil’ Sit & Gos taking place throughout the day.

  • €1-€3 buy-ins: The winner wins his ticket for the ‘All-in’ tournament
  • €5-€10 buy-ins: The first two player win their ticket for the ‘All-in’ tournament
  • €20.00 and higher buy-ins: The first three player win their ticket for the ‘All-in’ tournament

What’s the ‘All-in’ tournament? This is a heads-up tournament where all players are all-in every hand automatically. Once all players are registered, everyone is all-in until we have a winner! Look at the great gifts you can win below.

Over 500 winners for €10,000 gifts

1st Package: 
Trip to Brazil for two people (transport, accommodation) + Two tickets to attend a France group match
2nd- 4th Packages for all Micro Series Events (from December 8-15). All details announced next week. €350
5th- 8th Sunday Special ticket €100
9th – 16th Sunday Warm-Up Ticket €50
17th – 32nd Main Event Micro Series ticket €20
33rd – 64th Micro Series ticket €10
65th – 128th Micro Series ticket €5
129th – 512th Micro Series ticket €3
  • Global detail of the Package : Trip to Brazil for two people in Brazil with Two tickets to attend a football group match including flight in economy class airfare for two people, on-site accommodation for two people, and a lump sum to cover all or part of the costs on site – worth : €6,038. (Validity: 9 months). The package includes a sum of €4,421 paid to the player's account to cover the travel, accommodation and all costs on site. The first ticket to the stadium is personal, non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable to another person. The winner will deliver the second ticket to the person of his choice.
  • Please note that the Sit & Go “Brésil” qualifiers will stop on Sunday at 19:00 CET.

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