Private Club - Make the most of your VIP status

As you may be aware, Platinum+ status entitles you to many benefits. Now is the time to make the most of these opportunities offered by the PokerStars VIP program. This page is made so you no longer miss any event/promotion reserved for you, our most valued players. Bookmark this page because you'll be coming here time and time again!

In the Private Club you will find the VIP Freeroll schedule, news and dedicated promotions, as well as the yearly VPP ranking, the best indicator of your activity and influence as a player. If you don't wish to appear on the rankings page, please get in touch and we can remove you if need be.

Yearly VPP Ranking - Platinum, Supernova or Supernova Elite

1 - Latvia 1,342,939.2
2 - France 792,399.54
3 - indonesia 708,466.41
4 - Frace 683,821.06
5 - Malta 676,304.62
6 - Austria 622,365.35
7 - France 619,250.25
8 - France 521,193.67
9 - Finland 507,077.61
10 - Hungary 482,161.05
11 - Romania 481,398.33

VIP tournaments

Use your status to participate in the many VIP Freerolls offered each month, starting with the next €25,000 Freerolls reserved to Supernova players on September 13 and November 15.

VIP with €1,000 on offer Weekly Sunday at 15:00 Free ChromeStar
VIP with €2,500 on offer Bi-monthly Sunday at 16:00 Free SilverStar
VIP with €5,000 on offer Monthly Sunday at 16:00 Free GoldStar
VIP with €25,000 on offer Quaterly Sunday at 20:00 Free Supernova

Exclusive VIP Promotions

This page will be regularly updated with promotions for Platinum+ players. Remember to check every day for new offers.

VIP News

VIP program in details

Contact if you have any questions about the Private Club.