Sunday Special Team Pro Challenge - €200,000 guaranteed for a €50 buy-in

The Sunday Special Team Pro Challenge is a special Texas Hold’em No Limit tournament with a €50 buy-in only. It takes place on Sunday, October 9 at 20:00 CET and offers a guaranteed €200 000 prize pool. The winner will receive at least 32,000!

Furthermore there will be a bounty on the head of all the Team PokerStars Pro et Team Online members, theTV Stars but also the La Maison Du Bluff candidates. To spot them more easily on the client, a red spade will be located next to their names. The bounty amount is progressive: the more Pros are eliminated, the higher the bounty. Please check the table below:

€50 Bounty 1st – 3rd Pro*
€100 Bounty 4th – 6th Pro*
€150 Bounty 7th – 8th Pro*
€200 Bounty 9th Pro*
€500 Bounty From 10th Pro*

* Any player from Team Pro, Team Online, TV Stars and La Maison du Bluff candidates with a bounty on their heads. Please note the list of players below may change without notice.If you’re lucky enough to be dealt in the richest level then you could benefit by thousands of dollars!

Sylvain Ribes - ArtplaieElkYCéline BastianArnaud Mattern
Julien BrécardSébastien ChabalGuilhem DelaporteGaëlle Acerbis
Alexis FourcadeRaphaël Vignes - DJ Manuel 13

This is a great opportunity to face off against the best poker players. The hunt for the Pros will start soon.

Who was the hunt for the Pros good for?

Congratulations to the 11 players who eliminated the pros and received the bounty. Please check the table below:

1st - Sébastien Chabal poKKer71 €50 Bounty
2nd - Julien Brécard neomerlin57
3rd - Alexis Fourcade koos640
4th - Sylvain 'ArtPlaie' Ribes adowa1896 €100 Bounty
5th - Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier chessgamer75
6th - Céline Bastian beubeuu76
7th - Guilhem Delaporte chiwi69 €150 Bounty
8th - Raphaël 'DJ Manuel 13' Vignes worst_gamer0
9th - Sébastien (La Maison du Bluff) STACKYVOR €200 Bounty
10th - Gaëlle (La Maison du Bluff) gibs131 €500 Bounty
11th - Arnaud Mattern steph-breizh

The Sunday Special Team Pro Challenge prize pool is €313,560 and gathered 6,968 participants. 900 players finished in the money. Who will win the €47,696.79 top prize? Find out tonight on

How to play

You will find the Sunday Special Team Pro Challenge tournament in the lobby. Choose ‘Tourney’ and ‘Special’ or click here to register directly.

Mega Satellite is taking place on October 9 at 18:00 CET under ‘Tourney’ and ‘Satellite’. You can buy-in for €10 and there are 200 seats guaranteed for the Sunday Special Team Pro Challenge.

The Sunday Special Team Pro Challenge takes place over two days. It starts on Sunday at 20:00 CET in metropolitan France until approximately 02:00 CET (end of level 22) and resumes on Monday at 20:00 CET.

If you cash in the Sunday Special Team Pro Challenge, you will earn points for the Sunday Special Leaderboard.

If you have any questions about the Sunday Special Team Pro Challenge promotion, send an e-mail to