Top Chrono Tourneys – Play Fast, Win Fast!

Top Chrono Tourneys are a brand-new type of online poker tournament, where each one only runs for a set period of time. Then, when time is up, cash prizes are paid out according to the size of each player’s stack. If you like your poker action fast and exciting, then Top Chrono Tourneys are what you’ve been waiting for!

Here’s more about how Time Tourneys work

  • Tournaments last for a set amount of time (min: 30 minutes, max: 90 minutes)
  • When the running time expires, finishing positions and prizes are awarded based on stack size
  • Available around the clock across a huge range of buy-ins, starting from only €0.50.
Top Chrono Tourneys When Time (CET) Buy-in Guaranteed
Prize Pool
Top Chrono Tourneys Daily All day long From €0.50 - 30 to 90 minutes

You can find Top Chrono Tourneys in the software by going to the ‘Tourney’ tab and looking for tournaments marked with a stopwatch icon. You can also search for them by entering ‘Top Chrono’ into the Tourney Filter.

Top Chrono

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