Mega Sales: Discounted Tournament Tickets!

This summer you can get great discounts on your favourite tournament tickets during a special week of sales from June 24-30!

As soon as a Mega Sale starts, a pop-up will appear on all tables currently in play. If you want to take advantage of the discount, click the pop-up message to register for a Mega Sales tournament, The tournament will deal one hand and you will automatically receive a ticket whether you win or lose. You will then receive an email confirming that your ticket has been credited on your account.

You have 30 minutes after the message appears to enjoy the promotion. Mega Sales are limited to a certain number of players, so it's first-come, first-served.

To receive Mega Sale pop-ups, make sure you select the option 'Show All' under 'Tournament Annoucements'. There will be at least four different sales per day, including tickets for the Micro SeriesLe Classico and the Sunday Special - so keep a look out for the announcements!

Here's what the special pop-ups will look like

'Register now to get a 10% discount on Le Classico'

The usual Le Classico tournament buy-in is €10. When the pop-up appears, you have 30 minutes to register and buy a ticket at the discounted price of €9.

If you don't have a account, you can download our online poker software for free by clicking the button below:

If you have any questions regarding the Mega Sales promotion, please send an email to