The 5 Day Jackpot on PokerStars: €50,000 on offer!

There are €50,000 on offer from October 4-8 in special draws, where you could be the next day’s winner!

Five draws, five chances to win big

The promotion is divided into five days. Every day includes a draw (conducted under the control of Mrs. Eric Chapuis and David BUZY - bailiffs associated in Paris), which will award €10,000 in prizes to 2,000 players (see prize distribution below). To enter the draw, simply make a deposit of €30 or more with the bonus code of the day (see table below).

The next day you'll find out how much you won, and you can then make a new deposit to try your luck to win additional prizes! If you make a deposit during each of the five days of the promotion, you4ll be eligible for five draws!

1Make a deposit of €30 or more with the bonus code of the day (see table below). For example, Sunday, October 4, the bonus code will be ‘DIMANCHE’. You will then be eligible for the draw of the day, with a share of €10,000 on offer.


2The next day, we'll send you an email before 16:00 CET informing you of the cash amount credited to your account. If you have not been drawn, you will still receive an email anyway.


3Try again each day of the promotion with a new deposit to accumulate earnings!

IMPORTANT: You must not make a withdrawal from Sunday, October 4 at 00:01 CET to Friday, October 9 to remain eligible for rewards.

Sunday, October 4 Midnight – 23:59 CET « DIMANCHE » €10,000
Monday, October 5 Midnight – 23:59 CET « LUNDI » €10,000
Tuesday, October 6 Midnight – 23:59 CET « MARDI » €10,000
Wednesday, October 7 Midnight – 23:59 CET « MERCREDI » €10,000
Thursday, October 8 Midnight – 23:59 CET « JEUDI » €10,000

Prize list for each draw

1st €1,000
2nd €500
3rd-10th €100
11th-40th €50
41th-100th €20
101th-200th €10
201th-1000th €3
1000th-1600th €2
1601th-2000th €1
For all other players Privilège ticket (*)

(*) A Privilège ticket allows you to play our daily €1,000 freeroll every day at 20:00 CET.


Please see the French page.

Contact if you have any questions about the 5 Day Jackpot.