Due to its success, we have extended the Cash Royal promotion until Saturday, November 5. You have 12 more days to keep boosting your bankroll and win up to €10,000 every day.

From 12:00 CET on Thursday October, 13 until 11:59 CET on Saturday, November 5 you can win up to €10,000 in cash every day on PokerStars by completing your daily Cash Royal grid!

Complete a new grid every day via the ‘Missions’ window of the PokerStars client. Each grid has 16 or 20 squares and each square represents one of 52 cards in a deck.

How to complete your Cash Royal grid

To complete a daily Cash Royal grid and instantly get your reward, you just have to play at our Texas Hold’em cash game and Zoom tables (Heads-up excluded) in games €0.05/€0.10 or higher, and start your card hunt.

When you win a hand with a hole card that is in your grid, you unlock the square that has the hole card you just won the hand with. Easy!


You have A-Q of clubs. The Ace of clubs is one of the squares of your Cash Royal grid. You win the hand – either pre-flop or post-flop – and you instantly unlock the Ace of clubs in the grid.

If the grid has both the Ace of clubs and the Queen of clubs then you unlock both cards in one hand.

Please Note: If you lose the hand, neither card will be unlocked.

When you complete your daily grid, you instantly get a random reward. You can see the prizes in your ‘Missions’ window.

Please Note: The cash rewards that you get during the Cash Royal promotion are yours to keep, with no restrictions and no earning requirements.

Don’t wait and play every day to win up to €10,000 daily!

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Cash Royal Rewards

Once you complete your Cash Royal daily grid, you instantly get your cash reward. The rewards are randomly distributed. See below the probability of each prize:

€10,000 0.00375%
€500 0.0375%
€50 0.5%
€25 1%
€10 20%
€5 30.45875%
€2 48%

Cash Royal Details and Rules

  • This promotion will run from 12:00 CET on Thursday, October 13 until 11:59 CET on Saturday, November 5. 
  • Each daily puzzle will start at noon and expire at 11:59 CET the day after.
  • You must opt-in to each daily puzzle by hitting the ‘Start’ button in your ‘Missions’ window to have your progress measured. Any hands played prior to opting-in will not count towards the puzzle progress.
  • Only when you have completed the full puzzle will you receive your cash reward. There is no reward for collecting an individual puzzle piece.
  • Random reward cash prizes will be displayed in your Missions window. Cash rewards will be credited instantly and will be yours to keep, with no restrictions, and no earning requirements.
  • Puzzle pieces can only be collected by playing real money Hold’em cash games or Zoom cash games at stake level €0.05/€0.10 or higher. Other game variants, Limit games, hands played at Play Money tables, in heads-up games, or hands played in any tournament format are not eligible. Puzzles cannot be completed by playing at stake levels €0.01/€0.02 and €0.02/€0.05.
  • A hand must involve a minimum of three players to be taken into account.
  • Split pots – A hand is only considered to be a winning one if the player finishes with more money than when the hand started.
  • You can only match your hole cards (the two cards you are dealt) with puzzle pieces. Community cards cannot be matched.
  • Only winning hands, pre or post-flop, will be matched towards your puzzle pieces. If you lose the hand it will not count, and you will not collect the piece.
  • Rewards are granted through the PokerStars certified Random Number Generator. Find out more.

Contact if you have any questions about the Cash Royal promotion.