Beach Volleyball

The following rules include reasons for voiding bets.

If a bet is placed after the relevant result or outcome is known, then the bet will be void.

Statistics provided by the official scores provider, or the official website of the relevant competition will be used to settle wagers. If a game starts but is not completed then all bets will be void apart from those which have been unconditionally determined.

When a match venue is changed bets already placed will stand, but only when the home team is still designated as such and the match is not instead played at the away team venue, otherwise bets will be void.

Postponed or cancelled matches will be treated as a non-runner for settling purposes, unless played within 48 hours of the original start time.

On all markets in the event of referee enforced point deductions, official results will be used for settlement purposes.

When a Golden Set is used to decide which team progresses for competitions with two-legged ties (in the event of the tie being tied in matches won), the Golden Set does not count for settlement purposes.

Overview of Specific Markets

Total Points

Bets will be void if the total points number on which the bet was placed is equal to the sum of points scored by both teams at the end of the match. For example, a bet is placed on over 78 points and the home team wins 21-18 in the first set and 21-18 in the second set.

Set Handicap

Bets will be void if by adding the handicap result of the bet to the end result of the set it equals a draw result. For example, a bet is placed on -3 Home Team Handicap in the first set and the 1st set final score is 21-18).

Winner of 3rd Set

Bets on Set 3 will be void if the set is never played.

Xth Set - Xth Point

Bets on the specified point number will be void if the point is never played.

Xth Set - Race to X Points

Bets will be void if the specified point milestone is never reached.