The following rules include reasons for voiding bets.

Unless otherwise stated, all bets will be settled according to the rules for the relevant sport.

All bets will be settled in accordance with the official result of the relevant governing body at the time of the ceremony, regardless of any subsequent disqualification or amendment to the result.

Dead heat rules may apply to Olympics markets.

If a bet is placed after the relevant result or outcome is known, then the bet will be void.

Abandonments, Cancellations and Postponements

If a contest is postponed, bets will stand as long as it takes place within 48 hours of the original start time. If the contest takes place after this period, bets will be void.

The above 48-hour contest voiding rule will not apply to Outright Medal markets, nor tennis, football, and surfing.

Head-to-Head Markets

Outcomes will be determined in accordance with the official result of the relevant governing body. If either or both competitors do not make the final, the winner will be deemed to be the competitor who progressed furthest by round, and if still undecided, then by time achieved in the round in which both were eliminated. All bets are void if any competitor in a match/group bet fails to compete.


The Sportsbook General Rules will apply for any category of bets or markets not referred to in these Specific Sports Rules.