100 Billion Hands Celebration: $1M Golden Sit & Go’s

PokerStars real money Sit & Go’s will be lined with gold from June 17-23, as we celebrate 100 Billion Hands with our new Golden Sit & Go’s!

We aim to award $1M to Sit & Go players over the course of the promotion, but it could be more! The amount will grow with an increase in the number of Sit & Go’s played. It’s up to you - the more you play, the more chance you’ll have of winning!

There are three levels of Golden Sit & Go prize money:

  • Double prize pool + two buy-ins per player
  • Quadruple prize pool + four buy-ins per player
  • Ten times prize pool + ten buy-ins per player

If you’re lucky enough to be dealt in the richest level then you could benefit by thousands of dollars!

How to Win with Golden Sit & Go’s

Simply register for any standard real money Sit & Go starting between 00:00 ET on June 17 and 23:59 ET on June 23 to be in with a chance of playing in a Golden Sit & Go.

You’ll find out if your Sit & Go is a winner once the tourney is full and seated, and before the cards are being dealt. You’ll be informed by an on-screen notification and the table will change to a special Golden Sit & Go theme.

You can keep track of the total prize money awarded for the week in the top right News section of the main PokerStars lobby, along with a link to any of the top level Golden Sit & Go’s.

You can find our real money Sit & Go’s under the ‘Sit & Go’ tab in the PokerStars lobby.

Please Note: All standard real money Sit & Go’s are eligible, including Heads-Up, 6-Max, multi-table and Hyper-Turbos. Satellite and Steps are ineligible for this promotion. The likelihood of a Sit & Go being selected is directly proportional to the rake element of the tournament buy-in. For example: a regular speed $7 Sit & Go ($0.63 entry fee) is approximately 2.1x more likely to be a Golden Sit & Go than the Hyper-Turbo equivalent ($0.30 entry fee). All Golden Sit & Go prizes will be paid out upon elimination from the tournament. In re-buy Sit & Go’s only the original buy-in is used to calculate prize money, i.e. re-buys and add-ons are not included.

Contact support@pokerstars.fr if you have any questions about Golden Sit & Go’s or any other 100 Billion Hands Celebration promotion - where a total of $5,000,000 will be awarded across all events.

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