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If you’ve watched Texas Hold’em on TV, chances are that one day it’ll be the game you’re sitting down to play. But it’s not the only game in town. has a lot more to offer than Texas Hold’em. In fact, we have virtually every kind of poker you can imagine available. If you want to know more about how to play any of these great poker games, just click on the links below for more information. offers you all of the most popular poker games in the world:

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Flop Poker Games

These games use community cards, which are shared among all the players at the table in combination with their face down cards (called "hole cards" or "down cards"). The first three shared community cards are called the Flop, and collectively, all community cards are referred to as "the board." Texas Hold'em is the most widely played game, while Omaha's popularity continues to rise.

  • Texas Hold'em: Undoubtedly the famous poker game in the world. Played mainly in its No Limit version, you will also find many cash games and tournaments in Fixed Limit or Pot Limit versions.
  • Omaha & Omaha Hi/Lo: Omaha is a poker game with a lot of twits. Players are dealt four hole cards, but can use only two cards, that they need to combine with three community cards to form a five cards poker hand. 
  • 5 Card Omaha and 5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo: 5 Card Omaha and 5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo are similar in some ways to regular Omaha games, but with a fifth hole card dealt to each player pre-flop. 5 Card Omaha games are available at Pot Limit and No Limit tables, while Hi/Lo games can be played at Limit, Pot Limit and No Limit tables.
  • Courchevel and Courchevel Hi/Lo: Courchevel is an exciting form of 5 Card Omaha, where the first flop card is dealt face up at the beginning of the hand. Courchevel Hi/Lo is a popular split pot form of Omaha poker, where each player is dealt five cards pre-flop. You can play Courchevel and Courchevel Hi/Lo at Limit, Pot Limit and No Limit tables on PokerStars.

Stud Poker Games

These games differ from Flop Games in that they do not use shared community cards. In Stud Games, each player is dealt their own personal cards to use during the hand. Some of these cards are dealt face down and the rest are dealt face up and are visible to all other players at the table.

  • Seven Card Stud: Known throughout the world, this is a classic poker game. Seven Card Stud was the most common poker game before the Texas Hold'em explosion.
  • Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo: Variant of Seven Card Stud in its Hi/Lo version, you play for two separate pots that reward the best high hand and best low hand.
  • Razz: This is the version of Seven Card Stud Lowball, where you only play to make up the lowest hand.

Draw Poker Games

In Draw Games, players are dealt all of their cards face down and can exchange any number of their cards for new ones in an attempt to improve their hand. Draw games are different from Flop and Stud games in that players are not able to view any part of their opponents' holdings, and must rely on opponents' drawing tendencies for information.

  • 5-Card Draw: Many players have discovered poker with 5-Card Draw, also known as closed poker. This timeless variant will always make you spend some quality time around the tables. 
  • 2-7 Single Draw & 2-7 Triple Draw: Win with the worst hand? This is what these 'lowball' poker games offer to you which consist in a combination of cards as low as possible. 
  • Badugi: Badugi is a draw poker game played with four cards. We must make a low hand with cards of different flushs.

Mixed Poker Games

Mixed games are the ultimate poker challenge. You've got to know the rules for several games and switch your mind-set and strategies on a constant basis. These games are the ultimate test of poker skill, and just like all the games at PokerStars, you can practice for free. PokerStars offers the mixed games below plus several more.

  • Holdem/Omaha: Hold'em/Omaha is played as one 'round' of each of its component games. It begins with No Limit Hold'em, then switches to Pot Limit Omaha, playing each in rotation.
  • HORSE: HORSE is the poker game that will challenge your skills. In this ultimate mixed game, you will play five different poker variants.
  • 8-Game : This is the Lowball Seven Card Stud version, where you play only to make up the lowest hand.
  • Triple Stud: In a Triple Stud game, eight hands of three different variants are played in turns. Lot of action ahead!

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