The Vault. The ultimate score.


Crack the locks to grab your share of over €250,000 in cash prizes. What’s inside? Play real money games to reveal combinations. Opt-in. August 10-30.


The Vault


The Vault. Make the heist of the century.

Have you got what it takes to crack The Vault? Escape with your share of over €250,000 in cash prizes.

Take on the daddy of all vaults between August 10-30. Pick the locks and that sweet loot could be yours.

A team of the world’s best crackers have your back. Ace, your right-hand man, has assigned them all a Chest to focus upon. The combinations for these Chests will help you crack The Vault. Ace has also managed to pick two digits on the first lock for you.




Here’s how to get involved:

  • Opt-in via your Challenges Window.
  • Play real money games to win Chests. Each Chest will contain three digits. These may populate the locks that guard The Vault.
  • Complete three combinations and get access to The Vault. Here you’ll receive a final Chest containing your main cash prize of up to €15,000.

Cap off each cracked lock with a cash prize. Every time you complete a three-digit combo you can win up to 5,000.

Can you keep your cool? Let’s play.



Crack and dash with Master Keys.

Stay alert. The skills and trickery of your crew could make The Vault ‘malfunction’.

Glitches with The Vault usually last for two hours. And looking at how your team usually operates, it’s safe to say they’ll trigger a malfunction once a week. During this time you can play for a Master Key which will speed-up your progress.

We’ll measure the Reward Points you tally-up throughout these two hours. Meet your target and you’ll automatically open one of the locks – or all three, for direct access to The Vault.

Seize this opportunity.


Your team. The best skills on the planet.



Your right-hand man. The one they all bow down to. He’s a force of nature in safe cracking and he’s got your back.

Jack. Mr Swagger.

A charming rogue. To Jack every safe’s an opponent to suss out and conquer. He’ll throw across a cheeky wink as you walk away with the cash.

Queenie. The Mama.

No one messes with Queenie. She’s been cracking safes and breaking hearts for as long as anyone can remember.

King Pin. Safe cracking royalty.

An international jet-setter, he’s cracked safes from Monte Carlo to Manila. Dressed to impress, he breaks impenetrable vaults in impeccable style.


No security you can’t outwit.

Each Chest has three numbers. The locks securing The Vault’s intel are color-coded to show that they’re assigned to a member of your team. The blue lock needs blue numbers and so on. There’s nine digits to determine in total, with no repeated numbers in the individual sequences.

When you start, two numbers will already be revealed in the first lock.

The numbers and colors in your Chests can be made up of any combo and you could get repeated numbers. However, once an entire lock has been revealed, you’ll no longer get numbers for that color.

The Vault is the ultimate score. Take it on.

Terms & Conditions

What is the promotion?

The Vault is a promotion you can find in your Challenges Window.

When you opt-in, you will see:

  • Three Chests: red, blue and yellow. These are guarded by combination locks (a red, blue and yellow lock); and
  • The Vault, which will only open if the previous three Chests have been unlocked.

In order to open the first three locked Chests, you will need to find the three-digit combination to complete each of these locks:

  • The red combination lock: red 2, red 5 and red 7.
  • The blue combination lock: blue 6, blue 1 and blue 8.
  • The yellow combination lock: yellow 1, yellow 9 and yellow 4.

For the duration of the promotion, and in addition to your Stars Rewards Chest, every time you complete a progress bar you will receive a Chest with three numbers. You must play real money games to complete progress bars. The numbers you receive can be any combination of colors and numbers (for example, you could receive three blue numbers, or one red and two yellow).

When is the promotion?

This promotion takes place from 15:00 CEST on August 10, 2020 and finishes at 23:59 CEST on August 30, 2020.

Who is eligible?

This promotion is open to all Stars Rewards members. All players need to have registered with the Stars Rewards loyalty program and must opt-in to the promotion.

What will I receive?

1. When you opt-in, you will receive two digits for the red lock: red 5 and red 7.

2. When you collect all three digits for a combination lock, you will receive the corresponding Chest that the lock was guarding. The value of the Chest will depend on the Stars Rewards level you are ascribed, based on your level of play at the time won:


Stars Rewards Level























3. When you unlock all three combination locks, you will receive an additional Chest - The Vault. The value of the Chest will depend on the Stars Rewards Level you are ascribed, based on your level of play at the time won:


Stars Rewards Level























4. Once a week between 13:00 CEST and 19:00 CEST, a two hour countdown will activate. If you collect the required amount of Reward Points by playing real money games within those two hours, you will receive either a key for one of the three colored Chests (90% chance), or a Master Key to The Vault (10% chance).


You will see a countdown in your Challenges Window which will display the remaining time. This will disappear once the two hours have passed.

The Reward Points you need to earn during these two hours will depend on your Stars Rewards Level:

Stars Rewards Level
















  • A prize won as part of this promotion cannot be assigned or transferred, and any Chests will be forfeited if not opened within seven days after the end of the promotional period.
  • Once the Chests are opened, all prizes that form part of this promotion will be added to the player's account immediately and will be available for the player to use.

See here for general promotional Terms & Conditions.

Contact Support if you have any questions about The Vault.